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Baby V.O.X.

Baby V.O.X. (Hangul: 베이비복스, standing for Baby Voices of Xpression) was one of South Korea's most popular girl groups, belonging to record company DR Music. Although it initially had much internal turmoil, Baby V.O.X. eventually became a successful, cohesive group from 1999 to 2005, releasing many hit albums. However, after the dismal failure of their last album Ride West, it began to unravel again. By the end of that year, all of the members had left the company, with some going solo, and others moving into other entertainment areas. In December 2006, DR released the news that the group has been named Baby Vox Re.V[1]; the group debuted in early 2007.

Name: Kim EZ
Birthday: 2/3/80
School: KyungHee University, Dance major
Nickname: "OhEeJi"(it's a cucumber salad,but it's because of her name)
Personality: Outgoing,tough
What she likes most about herself: Her eyes
Hobbies: Accessory design,collecting perfumes
What she does well: Korean cultural dance
Height: 172cm(about 5'6'')
Weight: 51kg(about 112lbs)
Family: Parents, older brother
Most precious thing: Her diary
Religion: Christian
Ideal man: A man that's cute
Favorite foods: Beef dishes, ice cream,pasta dishes
Besides a singer,something that she wants to do: A makeup artist

Name: Sim Eun Jin
Birthday: 2/6/81
School: KyungGi University
Nicknames: "ShimTaeng","ShimYeoSa","Chat Girl"
Personality: Outgoing, tough
What she likes most about herself: Her eyes
Hobbies: Socializing in a coffeeshop,watching movies
What she does well: Design
Height: 167cm(about 5'5'')
Weight: 49kg(about 108lbs)
Family: Parents,older sister
Most precious thing: Her diary, her dog "MoongChi"
Religion: Christian
Ideal man: A man that's cute, good, and not a player
Besides a singer, something that she wants to do: Be an ordinary student

Name: Yoon Eun Hye
Birthday: 10/3/84
School: JoongKyung High School
Nicknames: "JamGgoDae"(Stick),"Pooh"
Personality: Outgoing,simple
What she likes most about herself: Her eyes
Hobbies: Writing letters, taking sticker photos
What she does well: Drawing animations
Height: 168cm(about 5'5'')
Weight: 48kg(about 106lbs)
Family: Parents, younger brother
Most precious thing: Diary, cell phone
Ideal man: A cute, good, handsome man
Favorite foods: Ice cream,pizza
Besides a singer, something that she wants to do: Be an ordinary student

Name: Lee Hee Jin
Birthday: 2/21/80
School: DongAh Broadcasting University
Nickname: "ChamSae"(Sparrow~talkative)
Personality: Outgoing, deep thoughts
What she likes most about herself: Mole on her nose
Hobbies: Watching movies and videos
What she does well: Impressions
Height: 168cm(about 5'5'')
Weight: 44kg(about 96lbs)
Family: Parents,older brother
Most precious thing: "My voice"
Religion: Buddhist
Ideal man: A man that's natural
Favorite foods: All kinds of food except healthy foods!
Besides a singer, something that she wants to do: Be an ordinary student

Name: Kan Mi Yeon
Birthday: 2/2/82
School: KyungGi University
Nicknames: "MoGiBap"(Mosquito food),"Smurf"(Because she has chubby
Personality: Dreamer, happy, a "spender"(spends money)
What she likes most about herself: Her long eyelashes
Hobbies: Snacking
What she does well: Playing around in a sweet and lovely way
Height: 170m(about 5'5-5'6'')
Weight: 47kg(about 103lbs)
Family: Parents, older brother
Most precious thing: "My fans"
Religion: Atheist
Ideal man: A man that's like a leading man in a movie
Favorite foods: Anything edible!
Besides a singer, something that she wants to do: Coordinator

The blazing hot Korean female group Baby VOX (short for Baby Voice of Expression) is the flame ignited by the five members - Lee Hee Jin, Yoon Eun Hae, Kan Miyoun, Kim Ez and Sim Eun Jin. The story of the VOXes began in 1997 when the name Baby VOX was given to a five member female group and when their debut album was released. However, success didn't knock on their door right away: the featured song "Haircut" reached only 47 on the pop chart while the debut selling was disappointing.
Poor selling led to separation, the record company decided to keep only two VOXes, Lee Hee Jin and Kim Kz, while brought in three energetic, vibrant dancers to the team. Thus the second generation of Baby VOX was born, with Kan Miyoun, Sim Eun Jin, and Lee Gai.

In their sexy, dynamic image, Baby VOX 2 received much better responses and the featured song "Change" got to as high as 7 on the chart.Baby VOX didn't stop right there and the record company aimed high; Yoon Eun Hae was introduced to replace Lee Gai who was less compatible with the rest of the group. The Baby VOX we listen to today has finally lined up.

In 1999, a new Baby VOX with a new image, they became much mature and more feminine. Their featured song, "Get up", from the new album topped the Korean pop chart which they frequent afterward. Baby VOX hit the China market in the same year.

In their millenium album "Why", Baby VOX's forth, they greeted the fans with satin elegance and grace, once again, they attracted publicity and more fans and established themselves as the biggest Korean female group along with S.E.S. and Fin. K.L.

Besides being young and beautiful, Baby VOX excels in dancing. The chameleon characteristic of Baby VOX thrills their fans, their constant changing in style and image is definitely the trump card for their status in the pop music scene today. In this brand new album, "Boyish", Baby VOX again amazes us with their sharp turning from the ultra-feminine style to this cross-dress, boyish look.

Success and popularity grow not solely from image-making, being a real musician is essential. Baby VOX has been enriching themselves throughout these years by practicing song and lyrics writing. They are like music students who hand in their homework to the producers. The harvest? They have composed 6 or 7 songs for "Boyish". It probably won't take too long to see Baby VOX producing, writing and making their own album.

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