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full name: Reeda Butros
assumed name: Reeda
birth: October 27th 1977
horoscope: Scorpio
place: Lebanon
nationality: Lebanese
work: Singer
contact information

Reeda Biography
Reeda was born in Lebanon on the 27th of October.In 1994 she and her sister Nina started their career as the first female duet in the Arab world. Their success, backed up by their family and the eminent Lebanese producer Toros Sironossian, found new heights in festivals, tours and musical programs all around the Arab World, Europe and the United States.. She and her sister Nina were nicknamed "love birds"! In Egypt and Lebanon, the famous journalist George Ibrahim El Khoury nicknamed them "Queens of Beauty and Coquetry".

All this came to an halt when in 2001 her sister Nina decided to follow the path of marriage and family. As a result,Reeda initiated a new start with a new style relying on previous success and the back up of many professionals in the music industry and the Lebanese and Arab press.

In 2003, Reeda signed with international record company Sony Music. With Sony she released her 13-track album "Alagtini" which found tremendous success with hit singles such as "El Hawa El Majnoun", "Ya Moustafa", "Alagtini" and others. Powerful but short termed, her collaboration with Sony had to end, since the record company was obliged to close down its Middle East branch for undisclosed reasons.

In the mean time, Reeda was successfully touring in the USA with Fadel Shaker, visiting more than 15 states, while in Syria she sang along side Hussein El Jasmi, and Ragheb Alamah. Of course, never neglecting her home country, Reeda regularly appears with the eminent George Wassouf his club “Wassouf Club”.

It is worth mentioning that no other singer except “Abou Wadih” himself ever performs at his club.

More than a year ago, Reeda released her single “Bitghar” which topped the charts in Lebanon and the Arab world, while its remixes were constantly buzzing the club dance floors!

Since then, Reeda has been taking it easy in the music arena, selectively making rare appearances in parties and concerts. Her low-profile tactic has let her unwind and clear her mind about her future plans.

At the moment, Reeda is preparing her new album that is bound to meet, if not surpass, the standards of her previous work.

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