Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mai Kassab

Mai Kassab Biography
Full name: Mai Kassab
Assumed name: Mai Kassab
Birthdate : December 8th 1981
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Birthplace: Tanta, Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Education: -
Hobbies: -
Work: Actress, Singer

Maii Kassab was born in 8th December 1981. Born in Tanta, a city which is the capital of gharbeyya province. Maii born in an artistic family somehow. Her father was a lawyer and at the same time was an author also he was an active member in author's union in Cairo. Her father was a good fan to most of famous music artists and he lived this music until he discovered maii's talent. Her mother was a teacher and at the same time was a very good music fan. Her elder sister was the same somehow, even used to sing in school and she was a good singer too. Her elder brother was the only different music fan in the family as he was a fan to western music bands also he was a vocal in a small band in Tanta but this ended so fast.

Maii used to sing in her school when she was young. She also used to sing between her friends and they made such a beautiful group. Also Maii was a good talent in acting...she even made a play with her friends many times when she was young. Maii got her first chance when her father agreed to make her appear on the T.V in her city. Her father believed in her talent as much as he loved her. So, Maii started to appear on T.V in her city (Channel 6). Her part wasn't as a singer but she was a good chorale member and a little actress.

When the time had come for Maii to join a college she decided secretly only with her father and brother to join the musical college in Zamalek. They helped her in secret because her mother was so afraid about her and she was afraid that she gets lost in the capital Cairo. But as Maii's parents raised her on religion and Islamic principles that made her so aware and careful how to live the new life in Cairo.

From the first day she entered the college...she made a good sound between her teachers and her college partners. Even in her first singing test…they made her sing twice because they liked her warm voice as much as all of as do. Maii started to dig her way dreaming to be a music star and as every starting singer…she worked in places like Marriot hotel and Cairo Sheraton trying to train her voice more and more. She raised herself alone in Cairo for a few months before her father sends her brother to be with her all the time and take care of her. After one year in Cairo besides learning music basics in college.

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