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Gigi Lai

Gigi Lai
Gigi Lai Biography
Engish name: Gigi Lai
Chinese name: Lai Chi
Chinese : 黎姿
Vietnamese: Lê Tư
Birthdate: October 1, 1971
Family: Father, mother + younger brother
Weight: 111 lbs; 50 kgs
Height: 5'5"; 165 cm
B.W.H: 34" 24.5" 35.5"
Education: A-Level
Occupation: HK Actress and Singer
What She Likes: Dancing
Fav. People: Parents
Fav. Singers - Bands: Madonna; Bananarama
Fav. Music Type: Lambada
Fav. Food: Ice Cream, Oranges, Chocolate ("Maltesers")
Favorite Instant Noodle: Nissan Demae Ramen
Fav. Animal: Dog
Fav. Fruit: oranges
Fav. Drink: Coke
Fav. Color: White, any light colors
Fav. Places: Shopping, Restaurants with music
Most Feared: Getting Fat
Unforgettable Memory: A surgery once upon a time
Clothing: Skirts Sleep-Wear: T-Shirt & Shorts
Hobbies: Dancing Reads: Fashion Magazines,
Dreams Anxieties Ambitions: To star in hit box-office movies

Gigi Lai
She is the granddaughter of Mr. Lai Man-Wai, who was a key figure of the first generation filmmakers, and has been referred to as "Father of Hong Kong Cinema". Gigi's father was born deaf and when her family went bankrupt, she entered the entertainment industry at the age of 14 to earn money to support the whole family.

Gigi Lai
Gigi is very well known for her beautiful image and her love of beauty, the Hong Kong media has given her the nickname "Goddess of Beauty" (愛美神). In the past, Gigi would turn down roles if they affected her appearance on screen. However, later in her career, Gigi had overcome her self-claimed "superficial and childish image" and began to embrace many critically acclaimed roles. She has since won a Best Actress award.

Gigi Lai
After entering the entertainment industry, Gigi first started out as a singer, she released many albums during the 1990s, in both Cantonese and Mandarin. Gigi has made several box office hits, especially for her role as the innocent and stuttering "Smartie" in the popular Young and Dangerous movie series.

Gigi Lai
She won the TVB Most Popular Actress Award in 2004 for her portrayal of a scheming and conniving concubine in the hit series "War and Beauty". Gigi has since become very popular with fans from Hong Kong and mainland China and many overseas countries.

Gigi Lai
After filming an 80-episode series The Gem of Life, she announced that she will not film any new series for at least one year because she needs to take care of her brother and his business after the latter was seriously injured in a car accident in 2007.

Gigi Lai

1993 JSG Best New Artist Award (Broze)
1994 Top 10 Chinese songs (Silver Medal)
2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – Best Actress Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
2004 TVB 37th Anniversary – My Favorite Character Award, as Yuk Ying in War and Beauty
2004 Black and White Television Characters Awards
2004 Metro's Best Duet Collaboration Award for the Song “Poison” with Bowie Lam
2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Magazine Cover Artiste
2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female Artiste
2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular Female in Ancient Drama
2005 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Most Popular of them all
2005 Next Magazine TV Awards Top 10 TV Artists
2005 Top Ten Best Dressed Personalities Awards
2005 My favorite character (The Charm Beneath)
2005 Annual Health & Beauty Awards - Artiste with the Best Skin
2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Female Character Award for War and Beauty
2006 Astro TV Drama Award – Favourite Lethal Beauty Award for War and Beauty
2006 TVB Weekly Popularity Awards – Top 10 TV Artists
2006 China Entertainment Awards – Most Popular Non-Mainland Actress
2006 Chinese TV 10 Years Awards – 10 Years Outstanding Achievement
2006 Moves China Award - Artiste of the year
2005 Metroshowbiz TV awards – Top 10 TV Actors and Actresses
2006 Annual Health and Beauty Awards
2007 Astro Most Memorable Award for Frances in Healing Hands 3
2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Most Popular Actress Award
2007 China/HK 10th Entertainment Awards - Best Couple Award with Bowie Lam
2007 Watson's HWB Awards - Top Diamond Award
2007 TVB 40th Anniversary - Mainland Most Popular Actress
2008 Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards 2007 - Favourite Leading Actress. Character: Gai Ming Fung from Dance of Passion
2008 Astro Wah Lai Toi Awards 2007 - Favorite Character Gai Ming Fung from The Dance of Passion

Gigi Lai
1993: 如果真的戀愛 If this is Real Love [Canto]
1994: 不是娃娃 Not A Doll [Canto]
1994: 如此這般的....愛情故事 Such a Love Story [Canto]
1995: 聽話 ( 國語專輯) Obedient [Mando]
1996: 姿不姿之間 Between Gigi [Canto]
1996: 旅行 ( 國語專輯) Traveling [Canto]
1997: 給你吧 ( 國語專輯) Give to me [Mando]

1991: 怒海孤鴻 Drifters
1992: 龍的天空 The Change of Time
1992: 龍影俠 Eastern Heroes
1992: 賭霸 The Skate
1992: 我愛牙擦蘇 Wong Fei Hung Returns
1993: 天倫 The Link
1993: 武尊少林 Heroes from Shaolin
1994: 烈火狂奔 Heartstrings
1996: O記實錄 2 The Criminal Investigator II
1999: 天下有情之阿福傳 Ah Fu
2000: 倚天屠龍記 2000 Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
2001: 陸小鳳 II 之鳳舞九天 Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng 2 (Luk Siu Fung II)
2001: 新楚留香 Chor Lau Heung
2001: 鄭板橋 Doomed to Oblivion
2002: 黑夜彩虹 Fate Twisters
2003: 鳳舞香羅 Riches and Stitches
2004: 金枝慾孽 War and Beauty
2004: 水滸無間道 Shades of Truth
2005: 妙手仁心3 Healing Hands III
2005: 胭脂水粉 The Charm Beneath
2006: 火舞黃沙 The Dance of Passion
2007: 寫意人生 Life Art
2007: 通天幹探 The Ultimate Crime Fighter

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